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What is a Fortnite Video Game Party?

Getting ready for a party and want to make sure the kids have a a great time? Everyone is loving the Fortnite Video Game Party Package we offer. VRTL PIX brings everything needed to get that party started!

VRTL PIX Game Rentals sets up at your location inside or outside. We have parents tell us to set up in garages, living rooms, terraces, clubhouses. We also set up for festivals, fairs, youth groups outside. We have canopy tents for rent with our service when needed. We are better than game trucks because we can set up where the party is happening.

Our Video Game Party Package for Fortnite includes XBOX and Playstation & controllers. Some kids like to use their own controllers and we are ok with that. We will sync it up for them. You only need to provide the wi-fi. If you do not have wi-fi ask us about our mobile hotspot.

CALL (305) 741-5028 to BOOK YOUR PARTY!

What is FORTNITE? The game is what’s known as an open-world survival game, in which players collect resources, make tools and weapons, and try to stay alive as long as possible.The game is set on modern-day Earth, but most of humanity has disappeared. One of the game’s core mechanics is collecting materials to build protective fortifications.

“Fortnite Battle Royale,” a free mode using assets and gameplay elements from the main game in which 100 people square off against each other in a fight for survival — with the last living player crowned the winner.The Battle Royale mode is what remains incredibly popular and what most people are talking about when they talk about “Fortnite.”

Battle Royale is a gameplay genre that uses strategy and survival elements in a last-man-standing arena, much like in the Japanese movie of the same name (or, more recently, "The Hunger Games"). It was popularized by the PC/Xbox One game "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds," which came out earlier in 2017, and “Fortnite” built on that existing formula while adding some new tricks of its own.

CALL (305) 741-5028 to BOOK YOUR PARTY!

In “Fortnite," Battle Royale means up to 100 players on a single map trying to be the last person or squad standing as the safe zones get smaller and smaller, forcing all remaining players together. It uses the building mechanics of the core game, so players can create platforms and walls to either get a better vantage point or hide from enemy fire. These structures aren’t impenetrable — you can’t just build four walls and a roof and call it a day.

CALL (305) 741-5028 to BOOK YOUR PARTY!

We have set up video gaming parties in cities all over South Florida like Brickell, Miami, Coral Gables, Aventura, Weston, Parkland, Plantation. West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood. We also have set up at breweries, clubhouses, and hotels. Community Activity Directors like to call us because they know the neighborhood children will eagerly show up to their event.

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