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When brands sponsor a photo experience at an event, everybody wins! We work with clients to create custom photo experiences that build positive connections between brand and consumer. By offering specialized service to sponsors, we elevate the experience at the event. 


It's been proven that people can recall emotions better than they can facts. A person might not remember the phone number  or company name from a banner. But they will be staring at their picture on the refrigerator or office board a year later. Corporate Sponsors get multiple touch points to create a visual and lasting impression. 

By providing a meaningful, shareable, and unsurpassed photo experience, we can:​

  • Create Content

  • Warm the Lead

  • Initiate a Conversation

  • Capture Data

  • Create Brand Awareness

  • Report ROI

  • Drive a Message

  • Generate Organic Buzz


A successful sponsored photo experience is :


We work to maximize visibility of the sponsor. You have a BRAND Identity and we want to continue your messaging through our platform. 

You are there to CONNECT. Connect to your Guests. Connect to your Clients. Connect to your Network. We provide the opportunity to Engage and Connect in a way that evokes a positive fun  memorable experience. 

There can be a report at the end of the event. The report contains information like how many sessions were taken and how often was content shared. What was your organic reach? We can tell you. 


Every situation is unique.  We are all ears. Let us know what your objectives and budget are. There are many factors that go into planning a successful event. We will prioritize your goals and do our best to make it a memorable event. Call 305-741-5028 or Email for Event Planning. 

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