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3 Incentive Activities for Employees that Won't Break the Bank

Experiences are the best way to reward your employees for their hard work. Especially now that many of us go into high season with the holidays. Incentive activities are proven to positively impact your long-term employee engagement goals. Our services won't break the bank and are popular because we go on-site indoors or out.

One option we have is free play video gaming. We have two different set-ups available. First we can bring 4 TVs, XBox PS4 and/or Nintendo Switch. The second we can set up a 100" projection screen for 6-8 player games on the Switch like Ultimate Smash, Mario Kart Deluxe, Just Dance. Your employees can take turns on breaks getting into the action and smashing it out for fun! Fortnite also available where 4-5 players get into the same lobby with our consoles.

Second activity is hosting an Ultimate Smash Bros tournament on the Switch. Give away prizes to the winner. It's easy to set up and run on the big projector.

Third activity is having old school arcade style games. Highest score gets a prize. Who thinks they are a superstar at Pac Man? Let them prove it by staying alive the longest and having the highest score on the board.


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