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Headshot Studio Booth at Miami Beach Convention Center for Trade Shows

Tradeshow Marketing using a Headshot Booth. In today's world professionals need to take care of their image online. It's not enough to post up a selfie. And less appropriate to have a facetuned selfie. Create a unique experience at expos, conventions, and tradeshows with our Headshot Studio Booth.

Below is a recap video of what it was like to have a Headshot Studio at the Food and Beverage Show in Miami Beach Convention Center. The sponsoring client had an opportunity to greet and interact with the guests that stopped by or stopped in. Not everyone may want their picture taken, but everyone will at least ask "Hey! What's going on? This is neat!"

Are you an exhibitor looking for a fresh idea on how to reach potential customers? Do you need to find a way to warm leads and have ice breakers? This is approach is personable and gives the guests real value that they will hold onto. We instantly deliver their hi-res images to their email inbox. You the sponsoring client can personalize the email delivery with a unique message. Are you introducing a new product? Do you have any special promotions? We can put your messaging into the email delivery.

We travel with our Headshot Studio Booth. So if you are planning for a booth outside of Miami, we can help you there. Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale are great cities with convention centers that attract massive crowds. We will help you stand out from the endless rows of exhibitors.


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