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Group Headshot Studio On-Site

It's time for your company to have an online refresh. You have new hires. New initiatives. It's 2020. How are your employees being represented on social media platforms such as LinkedIn? In their Networking Groups. Their gravatars & icons on Professional Forums?

VRTL PIX provides a professional Turn Key Solution for On-Site Corporate Headshots through our service VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS. Call to set up an appointment at 305-741-5028

The goal is to make this easy, fast, and fun. We provide instant delivery of hi-res images to each person taking their pictures. Do it as a group effort, have everyone update their LinkedIn profiles that same day and watch your reach grow. Setting up a studio to capture everyone at the same time allows for consistency of the images and the backgrounds.

Provide a service to your team that is valuable and appreciated. Selfie shots aren't going to cut it any more, and most everyone won't go to a photo studio for their headshots. Professional headshots done with studio lighting give your employees pictures they can be proud of and represent the best version of themselves.

We provided a Headshot Studio at Hotel Le Meridien during the Spirit Manager's Meetings. Throughout the day, we welcomed the team. Had our Stylist check them out before they took their pictures, and then they emailed themselves the results from our sharing stations.

Provide value, build confidence, and align your company's image on social media through your most valuable asset - your team.

Call to set up appointment 305-741-5028 VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS


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