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Jumbo Jenga for Rent

Are you looking for Jenga? We have a couple of options to help your Jenga stand out at a party. We have Jumbo Jenga and Giant Party Jenga for Rent. It is available for pick up and drop off service or with an attendant during your party.

Giant LED Jenga for Rent (305) 741-5028

What's the difference between our Jengas? Well Jumbo Jenga starts from the floor and is about 5' tall to start. It is made of cardboard boxes so that when the bricks fall, they lightly topple and you can start over. Giant Jenga we set up on any table. We can take a table for you or if you have a table already at your event we can also use yours.

Giant Jenga uses wood blocks. Guests slowly and gingerly take out the blocks one by one and place them on top of the pile. Watch as the tower grows taller and taller and eventually loses its balance and topples down.

We have taken our games all around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Weston, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines. Call us to find out more about bring party rental games to your location (305) 741-5028.

Giant Jenga Rental for Parties (305) 741-5028

Party planners, moms, lifestyle activity directors, and corporate event planners like working with us because we have options for lawn games and entertaining guests. We don't just do Photo Booths. We also have inflatables and the Jengas. We have options that can be customized with LED lights. Giant Jenga can also come with glow LED Cube that changes colors. Definitely bring a crowd to play the game.

Rent your party games with VRTL PIX Photo Booth and Game Rentals. It's easy, fun, and we have great value. Check out our website for more party options like video gaming and NERF Battle out in the field with inflatable obstacle course. Party games for rent today.

Jumbo Jenga Rental Party Game (305) 741-5028

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