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Vendor Spotlight: Mobile Gaming Events

Mobile Gaming Events Game Truck Miami

Kids love parties. And kids love games. What could be better than having a gaming party?

What I like most about the guys at Mobile Gaming Events and their set-up is that they can be placed anywhere at the venue or in the home. I had always seen big game trucks parked outside on the street. Which can be dangerous for kids excitedly running in and out. Mobile Gaming Events brings the party indoors.

Mobile Gaming Events Game Truck MIAMI

They explained to me that at the weddings they keep the kids entertained while the adults dance the night away. Well, actually since they have "Just Dance" as one of their gaming options, the kids will be dancing too.

Another fun option, is when they do corporate activations. He said that they can incorporate team building with some of the games. Or let them get silly with "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero". Ya know. The ones where you have to keep up with the music and you get to play guitar.

Similar to VRTL PIX, MGE does events from Miami to WPB.

Mobile Gaming Events Game Truck

Mobile Gaming Events Game Truck
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