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Brand Marketing with Photo Booth

The value of a user base lies not in its size, but rather in its depth of engagement. There is a trend for brands to prioritize community building and community engagement strategies. Having an actively engaged community is more cost-effective than spending thousands of dollars on Facebook & AdWords in order to drive more leads. VRTL PIX provided a Social Booth on a Sunday Morning Bagels and Coffee Group Ride for Mack Cycle. Mack Cycle & Fitness is an established Miami store that exemplifies community outreach and activities. With 62 years in business, they know that it's not just about selling bikes and accessories. They are committed to providing excellent service to what they consider their extended family, not just clients. Our Social Booth created a positive emotional connection with riders and the brand, created social media content for riders to share, and a video highlighting the group fun on Sundays for Mack Cycle to share on their Social Media. 

What is a Social Booth?

A Social Booth is a Digital Sharing Photo Booth. The goal of the Social Booth is to create shareable branded content and positive emotional connections. An organic way for guests and fans of your brand to share the moment. Our VRTL PIX Social Booth set-up is flexible, mobile, travel ready. We can run on battery just about anywhere. We travel to convention centers, tradeshows, and other locations. VRTL PIX is a creative event partner. We are committed to being a part of your

successful marketing activation.

Are you preparing for an event? Do you want to brainstorm ideas for your brand? Get in touch with us and let's create together some fun!

Video of Photo Booth Brand Marketing Activation using Boomerangs:


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