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Backyard Dunk Tank Rental 305-741-5028

You want to make a splash at your party! You think, the kids would love a dunk tank! But what do the parents not love? The 500 gallons of water needed to fill up a dunk tank. Yep that's right. You will get slapped with a hefty water bill. And at the end of the party, the 500 gallons of water are going to drain out

Dunk Tank Miami 305-741-5028
Dunk Tank Rental Games

exactly where the tank is. Ready for a messy muddy marsh in your backyard? We know, not the best scenario. That's why we have the option of bucket splash.

Bucket splash is an alternative to the dunk tank. It is safer because the kids are not climbing up on a ladder. There are no heavy moving parts. It's easy for the kids to take turns getting under the water bucket. You can refill with the hose or with 4 gallon bucket of water standing on the site. The Home Depot painter's bucket type. Call (305) 741-5028 to book your date.

Bucket Splash Rental Miami 305-741-5028
Bucket Splash Rental 305-741-5028

We provide party game rentals all over South Florida. Miami, Kendall, Hialeah, Doral, Brickell, Aventura, Hollywood, Miami Shores, Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Sunrise, Coral Gables are many of the cities we have traveled to. Event planners and parents call us to book the fun games we have for their events.

We at VRTL PIX also have photo booth options. We do photo experiences and game rentals. Social games that engage and entertain your guests. Ice breakers and conversation starters.

Have you check out all of the game options we have? You can call (305) 741-5028 or text to find out pricing and if your date is available.

What's also really good about our dunk tank is that we use vinyl bean bags so the balls don't go rolling away. Trust. You don't want to be chasing after the balls all day.


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