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Nerf Battle Party Game for Kids

When it is time to plan for a kid's party, parents want to know what they will love to play and be super excited about. We have some of the best options out there for entertaining kids of all ages. One of our most popular games is NERF Battle. Check out our pictures gallery below and get planning.

Where can I book a NERF BATTLE party? You can reserve your party date with VRTL PIX by calling (305) 741-5028. It's easy to secure a date with a small deposit.

Where can we set up a NERF BATTLE? VRTL PIX has set up Nerf Wars at a variety of places like a tennis court, open fields, soccer field, inside an empty house, a ballroom at the clubhouse, backyard of a home. The nerf balls are made of soft foam and float through the air. So as long as there aren't any fragile objects in the room, it can be played inside or outside.

How many kids can play NERF BATTLE? We bring 10 Nerf Rival guns to your party. So you can have up to two teams of five playing at one time. Some kids like to bring their own NERF gear to the party. They are super welcome to do so. Our Rival guns are a big hit because they are easy to reload and blast off.

What else is included in the NERF party? We have a solid presentation for your party. We bring a table and tablecloth to set up all the ammo and guns. We bring 14 inflatable obstacles that get set up around the field. The kids use these to hide behind, create walls, run around them. We also bring bandanas to help the teams identify who is with who.

Can I buy extra foam balls ammo? Yes! We have over 2,000 pellets at play. But they do run out and have to get picked up. And kids love to blast off and reload. Some parents like to purchase extra ammo packs for the kids. Please ask in advance if you would like extra ammo packs for your party.

What kind of parties is NERF Battle Wars good for? We get calls to set up for birthday parties, Mitzvahs, and community activities at neighborhood associations. Many activity directors call us because they know the children from the neighborhood will show up to anything with NERF in the title! This party is non stop fun for the kids. They wipe themselves out running around! Make sure you have plenty of water ready for them to rehydrate and keep going!

Please call (305) 741-5028 to find out more and reserve your date as soon as possible!

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