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Ancient Spanish Monastery Miami Beach Photo Booth and Party Game Rentals

Right smack in the middle of Miami you can find a piece of history that transports visitors to another time period. It's one of the only spots where you can take pictures in front of architecture from 1100s AD. How did this beautiful piece of history end up in Miami Beach? In 1925, William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloisters and the Monastery's outbuildings. The structures were dismantled stone by stone, bound with protective hay, packed in more than 11,000 wooden crates. Hearst lost possession of it due to finanical difficulties. And two guys brought it down to Miami from NY. It took 19 months and the equivalent of nearly $20 million dollars (in today’s currency) to put the Monastery back together. In 1953 Time magazine called it “the biggest jigsaw puzzle in history.”

Enough about the history and let's get to the good stuff. Weddings, mitzvahs, cermonies. Celebrations of life in a great backdrop. This location is known for the scenic views. We love going to visit the monastery. They have an area for a dance floor, an outdoor courtyard, and grounds around the structure to take beautiful pictures.

Hire VRTL PIX a photo booth and party game rental company to provide entertainment for your party guests. You can choose to shoot against the natural stone as a backdrop. There are also some goregous gigantic trees. There is plenty of room for a sequins backdrop What guests love about working with VRTLPIX is the professionalism and reliability when planning for an event like this. An event where details matter and the energy is special.

VRTL PIX is a modern photo booth company that prides itself in the quality of service and entertainment it provides to clients and guests. We have large screen projectors, party jenga, indoor and outdoor games, and can also create staged backdrops.

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