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How much space do I need for a Photo Booth?

A common question is how much space do I need for a photo booth set up? That's really important to know ahead of time. Some locations are limited on space.

There are a variety of venues used for setting up a photo booth. Some examples are ballrooms, recreation rooms, restaurants, outdoors, living rooms, convention centers.

There are a variety of photo booth set-ups. You can choose to have an enclosed LED cube booth or an LED half wall. It could be open air. The type of pictures you want also can make an impact. Are you doing a staged backdrop and want a full shot? Or are we doing a 2" x 6" strip?

There is some general rules of thumb. However, the final requirement will depend on the logistics of the event.

miami photo booth rental led cube photobooth

At VRTL PIX we request a minimum of 10' x 10' area when using a premium backdrop. For no backdrop events, the footprint can be 8' x 8'. With the LED Cube we need about 16' x 16'.

If you are using a wedding planner or event coordinator at your venue, make sure you talk about the layout of the party room. Where will the bar be? Where will the DJ? How much space is there for the dance floor? Keep in mind that sometimes the booth attracts a crowd! So you will want to see that the area of the booth doesn't block a walkway or doorway.

miami photobooth photo booth rental backdrop vrtl pix

VRTL PIX has the most compact footprint because our printer is placed directly under the booth. Typically we bring a 6' table to place the props. Guests love to play around with the options and show to each other before going into the booth ready for their shot.

Are you ready to book your date? Do you have any more questions? Fill out our form and we will call you to discuss your needs.

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