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Is it time for a big event? Something to celebrate? Special day to remember? Make it extra fun by renting a VRTL PIX photo booth to give your guests next level entertainment. 


VRTL PIX combines the latest technology with photo booth experience. Get more than just a print at a party. We have the ability to make your event stand-out and memorable. You can have fun with hand props, sure. But how about adding in some confetti or bubbles? We can capture the spontaneous moments in animated GIFs or boomerangs. It is all about taking it VRTL. 


Aventura Photo Booth Rentals


We create high quality images using professional camera equipment, lighting, and software. VRTL PIX is dedicated to bringing the best of the industry to their clients. Our photo booth offerings are cohesive, beautiful, and play well with your event decor. We can customize our screens, templates, and booth to match your colors or event's theme. 


Why your Aventura event needs our Photo Booth


Guests can share their pictures while still at the party. We offer services that allow them to share to social media like Twitter or Instagram directly from the booth. Party hosts can also do something extra special like add a magnet to the back of the prints. Moms love sticking the pictures on their fridge. Have you ever seen a boomerang booth? No? Call us so we can explain how confetti and bubbles add a new dimension to the experience. 

Events We Love to Party with in Aventura


Weddings, bat & bar mitzvahs, sweet 16's, birthdays, galas, anniversary, weddings and engagement parties are great opportunities for a photo booth. Give everyone a chance to jump in the fun, create a memory, and get a keepsake.


How Do I Book a Photo Booth Rental in Aventura


VRTL PIX has a form for you to tell us about your party or event.  Here you can also select additonal features.  Do you want an encloser or open air booth? Not sure what the difference is? Call us to find out. We're happy to discuss or meet up with you in person to go over options. 

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