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Where can I rent a large projector screen?

How big can you get with a projection screen? Where can I find a large projection screen for my party?

Well, we have a 100" projection screen that gives you a life-size view of whatever you are watching. VRTL PIX offers as an additional service the ability to view a slideshow of images taken, or a slideshow provided by the host to entertain the guests at an event. It's that extra WOW factor that guests love.

VRTL PIX Large Screen Projector Miami Ft Lauderdale Boca Raton

Other ways to take advantage of our big projector screen are easily created. You could watch the Oscars Red Carpet in your backyard, a football game in

the garage, a movie overlooking the pool... Oh yeah, we want you to kick back on one of our inflatables and float while watching your favorite summer movie. We bring 10 inflatables and an air pump that will fill up your pool and let you float the night away. How is that for cooling off and having a little summer fun?

Setting up a large screen projector does require electricity. Either a power outlet nearby or for an additional fee we can bring a quiet generator. Making it a portable experience that can set up where ever is most convenient for the host.

Our projection screen is available for rent in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, & Delray Beach.

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