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Party Games Custom

16 Player Indoor & Outdoor Video Game Party Rentals

Best Feedback: The kids didn't want it to end. They took turns and were nonstop!

Our 16 Player Video Gaming set up is pretty cool because we can do it in your living room, garage, backyard, courtyard. Anywhere the party is we will set up so the kids and parents can have fun together.

We bring all the supplies needed to set for a great event!

Video Game Consoles: XBox One, Playstation 4, WiiU

4 HD TVs

16 chairs with seat covers

All wiring and electrical cords (you supply the power) 

All our gaming titles

Tent for outdoor events is included in booking price

Game expert attendant

Call or Text (305) 741-5028 for more information. 

100" Movie Projector Rental

Most Popular Uses: Photo Booth Add On, Video Gaming Add On, Outdoor Movie Night

Call us when it is movie night at your clubhouse or whenever the occasion arises that a big screen tv is not big enough! With a movie projector like this you can set up just about anywhere. Our projector only needs to be 12" from the screen. So you don't need to worry about shadows if someone stands up or the room being long enough. 

Uses for our Hollywood Movie Projector:

Game night, family night, clubhouse parties, sports night to watch matches and games. Book it to accompany your video gaming rental and we can project the games to be life size so the entire party can watch. People love this for games like Just Dance and Karaoke. This is also a great add-on service for photo booth rentals. We can project the images being taken during the event onto the big screen. 

Giant Party Jenga aka Topple Tower or Tumble Tower

Recent Comment: So glad you brought this to our Christmas Party! Even our granddad got into it!

Great game for any age group at any event. It's the classic Jenga game but in giant form! It starts at 3 feet but can reach all the way up to 5 feet! We bring the table. The kids love to help put the pieces back together again. Adults get very focused and technical about which pieces to pull and put back. This is a great add-on for drop off / pick up service in South Florida. Call (305) 741-5028 for date reservations or check out our online booking. 

Virtual Reality VR Games

Get ready to go next level in your entertainment

Want to impress your guests? Have us set up our VR Virtual Reality gaming system. Transform the room into whatever you like once you get the goggles on. Everyone is curious to check out what it is like to wear a VR mask. We can have your guests playing a video game, driving a Ferrari, flying a plane, or any other variety of activites that are available in the VR offerings.  This is one way to make your event activities stand out and get people talking. 

VR set requirements: We need to have a dedicated electrical power outlet. We can set up outdoors with a tent we provide as long as the ground is dry and no wet/windy weather in forecast. It is possible to set up VR for daytime events outside because of the side panels we use to block out the light. VR requires a dedicated area that will give the guest the freedom to move around. VR games inspire movement and we want to make sure the experience is uninterrupted. All VR rentals include an attendant to assist your guests. 

Basketball Shoot Out Hoops Arcade Rental

Work up a sweat doing shoot outs! (Voted VRTL PIX Team Favorite)

1 to 2 Players can play at the same time against each other. This set up is awesome because there is a time and the players compete against each other as the seconds wind down. The electronic scoreboard will keep track of your score. We love watching guests get excited over this one. We bring 7 basketballs and can set up indoor or outdoors at your next party or fundraiser. 

The appropriate age group for this activity is 6 yrs old and up. 

You can call or text  (305) 741-5028 about reserving the basketball shoot out for your event date. 

JUMBO Connect Four

Fun, vibrant, and easy to play!

Great game for any age & any occasion. Examples of when we have rented this out? We booked this for an office holiday party at the Biltmore. We have set up poolside for a community clubhouse event. Backyards at birthday parties with other games from our list. This game is about 3' wide and 4' high. It definitely has presence at a party. It's the unexpected addition that can entertain and delight. 

Bumper Balls Inflatable Body Sumo Bopper Ball

Boing Boing Boing

It's a pretty good laugh watching people trying to navigate in these bumper balls. And if you are coordinated enough you might even be able to play some soccer. We'll bring the pump and inflate the balls for you. We can also bring the soccer ball(s). We'll bring 4 boppers to your party. If you need more let us know. Best for ages eight years old and up.  How do the boppers stay up? There are harnesses inside that the player holds onto. Now this is what boomerang videos were made for!

Red and Blue Cornhole aka Bean Bag Toss

E.g. of Popular Uses: Tailgating parties, school festivals, birthdays

Cornhole is a classic party game rental and is also know as bean bag toss. There are rules to playing cornhole, but most of the time everyone just likes to take shots at trying to get the bag in the hole. 

Cornhole is a lawn game in which 2-4 players take turns throwing bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches (or exceeds) the score of 21.

We also have LED cornhole for night time playing. Keep scrolling down our list of games to see a picture for LED cornhole. 

Call or text (305) 741-5028 for more information. We do provide drop off & pick up service for our games,  just ask!

Super Fun Basketball Inflatable

This one has walls to help contain the ball inside the court

We have two styles of inflatable basketball courts to be used in the backyard. It's large enough for up to ten players. Please make sure to have dedicated space to set up this outdoor party rental. We will need about 10'x25' and electrical power. If your venue does not have electrical available, you can rent a generator for an additional fee. Inflatable basketball is appropriate for children ages 5 to 13 years old. Reserve this for your next event by calling or texting (305) 741-5028.

LED Cornhole aka Bean Bag Toss

Great for Evening Parties! Usually bundled with LED Beer Bong.

Typically games are played between two to four players but most of the time everyone standing around just casually takes turns trying to get the bean bags in the hole. This game is perfect for any age group because it is so relaxed and everyone loves to score. We also have LED bean bags for an additional fee. 


Popular uses: cocktail parties, tailgating, sports night, community events, mitzvahs, sweet 16, charity events. 

Ladder Toss

Relaxed game for adults or kids. Pair it up with cornhole or jenga!

This is a classic backyard game that is suitable for ages 6 and up.  Usually up to 4 Players can play this game. But everyone can take turns and join the fun. This is a great icebreaker. You can keep a conversation going while still aiming your toss. It's a game everyone understand. 

Nostalgia Popcorn Stand

Yum yum snacks!

Kids love snacks. Parents love to keep the kids fed. This is a cute add on to any video game party, movie projector rental.  We bring little popcorn paper bags. We can sprinkle flavored salt onto the popcorn. It's fun to watch the popcorn pop pop pop. Let us know if you would like to reserve this for your next event. 

This rental does require access to an electrical outlet.

Basketball Inflatable Open Air Bounce

Really cool for outdoor kids' events & school activities

Basketball Inflatable is our other very popular rental. Everyone loves bounce houses & inflatables. And then they also love shooting hoops. Here we combine the best of both worlds.  We can fit up to 10 kids at one time on the court. The hoops and boundaries are soft and can be bounced off of.  The dimensions of this rental are around 10 feet wide and and around 20 feet long. Please make sure you have the appropriate amount of dedicated space for this rental. Call or text (305) 741-5028 today to book your event and reserve your date. 

Giant Yard Pong

Awesome to play on the grass or the beach!

Our giant yard pong set includes 12 buckets and 2 heavy duty plastic balls that bounce and don't break and look exactly like giant sized Solo cups and ping pong balls! 

Putt Putt Skee Ball

Let the pro golfers get fixated on why they can't score....

This a hybrid of two favorits. Skee ball and putt putt gold. Our gold skeeball game folds up into an oversized wooden rolling crate so you can hold tournaments at the office, set it up at a local brewery, put in the backyard for a kid birthday party. Just make sure there are no windows nearby!

Ring Toss Game

Popular add-on for bundled rental services

Typically a part of a bundled game rental. This is a laid back fun outdoor game for families. This game is simple and easy for the kids to play. Just throw the rings and try to catch a peg. This game is available for drop off / pick up service in South Florida as part of a rental package. 

Foosball Table

Recommended for kids older than 6 yrs of age

Well with Beckham trying to build a soccer stadium in Miami, get the kids excited about the sport. It's the classic Foosball Table 2 to 4 Players can play at the same time. This game does not require a lot of space. We can bring the table to set it on. 

Best events for this: school parties, festivals, birthday, mitzvah, sweet 16, school events, fundraisers. 

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